Take A Break

Doris Banham is lucky enough to be donated 80% of the proceeds from the rental of this beautiful chalet in Winterton on Sea, Norfolk. I have stayed here and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The atmosphere is so calming and grounding and you feel you have found yourself again. It is seaview and you can wander for miles on the sandy beach.
There are many attractions nearby including Hemsby and Great Yarmouth with their fairground character but if you just want to chill at the chalet, the dunes and the beach are all you will need. There is a seal colony further up the beach. Dogs are welcome.

The chalet is available for booking from April to November. Please go to wintertonvalleyholidays.co.uk for more info about the site or ring Marion on 01493 377 175 telling her the booking is through Doris Banham Dog Rescue.

Please let's get this fully booked for the sake of the desperate pound dogs. With the funds that this will raise we will be able to save so many pound dogs' lives. Have a beautiful holiday knowing you will save a beautiful life.

Thank you from the dogs.

Trudie xxx