Every day we are faced with scenes from the pounds like this – dogs due to die pleading for us to save them.

We can only do this if we can fund a life saving kennel. As the dogs we rescue are imminently due to die, we need to urgently remove the dogs from the danger they are in to a lifesaving safe haven kennel with an experienced kennel team where they can be rehabilitated both physically and mentally and prepared for our ultimate goal of finding them a forever home.

We can sometimes have as little as a couple of hours’ notice that a dog is due to die and it is vital for us to know that we have a kennel that we can fund available immediately to be a safe house for that dog. If we say yes the dog lives and if we say no the dog dies and that is a terrible burden as we are literally the last chance for that dog to live.

Our goal is to have as many kennels as possible funded per year so that we know that we can say yes when a pound, veterinary surgery etc contacts us.

We are therefore desperately appealing for kennel sponsors to fund kennels to enable us to go into pounds and rescue dogs from being put to sleep.

If we know that kennels are funded, we can rescue desperate dogs for whom time has run out knowing we have somewhere to bring them.

The kennel will be used for dog after dog to save them from being destroyed.

Each kennel will have a plaque which you can choose to advertise a company or commemorate a loved one. Here are some examples of plaques dedicated to generous donors who have already responded to our plea.

Sponsored kennels are gold-dust for the desperate pound dog as they allow us to say yes immediately to a dog who is due to die in the pound because we know we have a funded life saving kennel for them.

The cost is £3.80 per night for a normal kennel and £5.30 per night for a quarantine kennel. This cost also includes a full care/retraining package for this dog carried out daily with the goal of getting that dog ready for the next step in their life - a forever home.

The yearly cost for a normal kennel is £1387.50 and for a quarantine kennel £1934.50 and the kennel will have a plaque which can be dedicated to a loved person or pet or advertise a company.

In this way your kennel would save dog after dog from death in the pounds.  It is our dream to get all our kennels sponsored and if you can help make that dream come true please contact or 07597 049 231 for more details.