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Doris Banham Dog Rescue


IT'S TIME FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE TEDDY HOME.......Teddy's been with us quite some time and we don't know why.

WE KEEP TELLING HIM HE'LL MEET HIS SPECIAL SOMEONE SOON......Look at that big smile, now imagine how happy he'll look when he gets his forever home.

Our lovely lad really enjoys walks and playtime, happily fetching his toys so you can throw them for him, and yes he'll return them time and time again!

He's 7 years old, not a fan of other dogs but around people he's a loving lad, who enjoys attention and is hoping he can be the love of your life.

If you feel he could be the one for you please contact Lorna 07984 143253
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Doris Banham Dog Rescue

Monty has just arrived at our kennels this afternoon. We were literally his last chance to live. He was rescued from the pound by another pound rescue and placed in a rescue space on the condition that he could be returned if they could not work with him. Unfortunately he was unhappy and had begun to close down, craved human interaction, and this once dog friendly dog had become dog aggressive. An imminent operation for one of his carers had made the situation more urgent The rescue had told the pound rescue that they could not cope with him and wished to urgently return him. Sadly for Monty no-one wanted to take him on because of his problems and the pound rescue informed us that unless we said we said we would take him, his only humane alternative was to put him to sleep.
Monty is going to be a big challenge but a challenge we will meet - our priority will be to give him the human interaction he craves to prevent him closing down further. But he will also need general retraining for his behaviour with other dogs, walking on a lead etc. He also has a few veterinary issues to sort. We will make him happy again in every way. This will take skill, patience, tlc, and dedication to him. This will also take time – as much time as he needs. Every day including his retraining package costs £3.50, every week £24.50, every month £108.50.
If anyone would be kind enough to be part of the saving of this sweet desperate boy, please donate towards his care costs. It doesn’t matter how small because 100% of your donation will be used to fund his care. His pound rescue has also offered to contribute to this. Please donate on the button on this post or on the link: www.dorisbanhamdogrescue.org/wp/donate/
We are going to document and post his progress and hope to lift yours and Monty’s heart as we see him blossom again and recover from everything that has been done to him.
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I started a birthday fundraiser for you, you should receive roughly £120 in next few days ❤

Sent £5 xxx

Donated with love x

Small donation from my rescue pups to Monty. So, was the first rescue space EB / kennels? Sorry to ask but just unsure from the write up.

Donated- Good luck Monty from Bobby and my mummy!🐶

Poor baby looks a spitting image of my staffy ♥️♥️♥️

Donated xx

Donated xx

S/p 💔

Donated £10

Donation from me and Hinks, good luck on your new journey little man x


just made a very small donation to help beautiful Monty xx

Everything is possible we got Andy from cottam 11 years ago. No good with other dogs. Dog aggressive. Etc etc. With Patience training and love he has been a joy to have. Lives happily with chickens horses and 2 other dogs and at 16 still going strong.

what a bloody shame for Monty bless him

Donated - hope it helps poor boy x

Good luck boy x what a sweetiex

Donated xx

'Sent £25 for one week with much love💕💕

I'll get some money on Tuesday so I'll send some over to you x

Handsome boy Monty, only good things can happen now. Donated x

Just donated, wish it could be more. Good luck beautiful boy 💕

Donated x

Sent some hugs, love & £5 for Monty x

Thank you so so much for helping this gorgeous boy. I’m looking forward to watching his progress. I have sent you a little donation

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Doris Banham Dog Rescue


TAKE A LOOK AT TURBO.......IT'S TIME FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE TURBO INTO THEIR HEART AND HOME AND SHOWER HIM WITH LOVE...... he's just longing to show you what you're missing - HIM!!.

He's a loving playful lad, enjoys walks and playing with his toys and likes other dogs.

Turbo is dreaming of a loving home of his own. It's hard to believe our 7 years old boy has been with us so long, are you the family he's waiting for?

For more information please call Lorna / Tom our rehomers 07984 143253 x
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Nicola you wanted another dog right? 😁

Milly Barr Connor Gallagher Louis Mensah-Watts Turbo!!


Rs xx

Oh I'm in love 😍

Love! Xxx

Shared with hope 🐕🐕🐕🐕xxx

Oh sweet boy.x

Shared x

Adorable 💕

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Doris Banham Dog Rescue


Bramble believes his special someone is out there looking for a beautiful boy like him........if you're looking for love look no further because he's ready and waiting to meet you!

Petrified Bramble was found tied to a tree in a wood where he had been all night and was taken to the pound. Please see last picture of him with eyes shining in flash. He had no name so we asked his rescuer to name him and she chose Bramble. Now he has a chance to put all that behind him. Please if you can be his future, this is his chance for a new life of kindness.

At around 7 - 8 years old all Bramble really wants is to love and be loved, if you feel the same please call Lorna / Tom our rehomers 07984 143253 to arrange a date with the new love of your life x
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Gorgeous boy, fingers crossed for him. Xx

Florence Croxson

I would love him ❤️❤️❤️

Hope he goes to a good home soon 🐕 🐕

I would love him but I can’t have two already x


Shared x

Beautiful boy hope you find someone to love you back. Unfortunately my boy is rescued and needs all our love. 💕💖

Shared. ♥️


Dan 😭😭😭 he's like a fatter caramel! How could someone do it!?

Y tie him 2 a tree n leave him in the cold n dark,when all they needed to do was take him ti rspca.people r so cruel

Handsome boy

He’s handsome

Shared 🤞❤️


Shared with hope 🐕🐕🐕xxx

I remember seeing him when first found tied to that tree , so pleased he was passed on to you xx let’s hope he soon has a new family xx

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Doris Banham Dog Rescue


Please don't miss out on this unforgettable holiday which will save a pound dog's life.
Thank you to everyone who has booked (please remember to post pics).

Doris Banham Dog Rescue is lucky enough to be donated 80% of the proceeds from the rental of this beautiful chalet in Winterton on Sea Norfolk. Please go to wintertonvalleyholidays.co.uk for more info about the site or ring Marion on 01493377175 telling her the booking is through Doris Banham Dog Rescue for Chalet 179. Dogs are very welcome. Please let's get this idyllic chalet fully booked again this year for the sake of the desperate pound dogs. With the funds that this will raise we will be able to save so many pound dogs' lives. Have a beautiful holiday knowing you will save a beautiful life. Thank you from the dogs. Trudiexxx
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Tina Bond

Justin Garratt.Tracy Barr.Jayne Bridge.

Looks lovely


Gareth Orme


Jordon somewhere we could go on holiday? ☺

Joanne Tranmer

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... and on the seventh day the Doris Banham van arrived. Every Life Counts