Stray Dogs

Did you know that lost and abandoned dogs picked up by dog wardens and the police and placed in council pounds may only have ONE WEEK TO LIVE!

The pounds are only required to hold lost and abandoned dogs for SEVEN DAYS and on the EIGHTH DAY are entitled to destroy them if they are not reclaimed by owners or taken by rescues.

Dogs end up in pounds through no fault of their own. Some are much loved lost pets or their owners have sadly died; but many are the innocent victims of an uncaring and throwaway society. They are abandoned because they need medical treatment, have been abused, are no longer the cute puppy purchased at Christmas, are victims of marriage break-downs etc etc. Sadly with so many strays being brought in every day, many of these lovely dogs lose their lives simply because there is no kennel space to hold them.

We save 100s of pound dogs from destruction every month. Our dedicated volunteers drive them all over the country in our old worn-out van to find SAFE rescue places with non-destruction policies. If a rescue place cannot be found in time to save the dog’s life, we pay for a temporary boarding place until we can move the dog to rescue.

We are funded solely by donation and 100% of funds are spent on the dogs. We pay for veterinary treatment and all transport and boarding costs. We manage on so little money yet our bills are so high.
Our volunteers brave the imploring eyes, the cries and the weakly wagging tails and still have the heart to do more!


People say to us “How can you go into dog pounds and choose which dogs live and which die?" Simply – they need us, so we must go. And we do not choose! We take every dog our old van will carry – the old and the young, the wounded and the strong and we work to rebuild their lives.

IF YOU LOST YOUR PET perhaps you might pray that we were there in the pound one week later with a lead, a cuddle and a lift to safety.

Please also help to reduce the massive stray problem in our throw-away society: