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Please read our rehoming policy before applying. (please note about cats & children in particular - please only apply if it states the dog is cat friendly if you have cats)

If you are interested in a particular dog please check with the kennel first that he's still available before applying and talk to the staff to find out if your circumstances are suitable for that particular dog.

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Rehoming Policy

Initial enquiry

We often don't have any background on the dogs we rescue as they have come straight from the pounds. Some of our dogs may not be easy and could need time to adjust to a new home environment. If you are considering a rescue dog please allow time for settling in. Please don't be afraid to ask for help and advice, we are available 24 / 7 for as long as needed, and give full back up for the life of each of our dogs.

Our dogs are individually assessed in the kennels, and we can tell you if they are friendly, have any non serious health problems (any serious medical issues are dealt with prior to adoption), are okay with other dogs or sometimes even cats if the dog is in foster. We can tell you their personality, shy, quiet, very playful, boisterous etc and give an approx age. Many of our dogs have not been assessed around children (unless fostered). Our policy is to only home to families with children age 5 years plus.

We are often asked if the dog is okay with cats. Please note unless it says in the dog's description that it is fine with cats, we don't know and have no way of cat testing the dogs at the kennels. If the dog you are interested in is cat friendly please make sure your cat will be okay with a dog, we don't want to home a dog only to make a cat homeless.

If you see a dog you would like more information about please call Lorna our rehomer on 07984 143253. Please be patient when calling as she is often very busy, if your call isn't answered please leave a clear message with your phone number. Your call and the chance to home one of our dogs is very important to us, if you have a problem making contact please let us know via email

Dog visit

Once you have spoken to Lorna she will arrange a convenient time for you to come meet the dog/s you are interested in, if you have another dog or other family members please bring them along too. The adoption fee is £250 (more is welcome) this money will go straight back into the rescue and allow us to continue with our vital work. It is non refundable even if you return the dog, except in exceptional circumstances.

Home checks

Once you have fallen in love with the dog and want to take him/her home we will arrange a home check. Don't worry about this. We are not interested if you have good taste in decor or have done the washing up. A home check is just to make sure you have a suitable home for the dog. We can arrange a home check before you visit to save 2 trips if you prefer.

Please only book a home check if you are 100% interested in a particular dog, volunteers give their time for free so please make it count.

Taking the dog home

Once the home check is complete and approved, you can take the dog home. Remember we offer a full back up service with all our dogs, and are always happy to offer any help or guidance. We may do a further home check to make sure you are fully happy. Most of our dogs are spayed, neutered and vaccinated before being homed. Some dogs cannot be neutered before adoption due to age. A term of your adoption will be to get the dog neutered and we will check on this.

We reserve the right to remove dogs from homes if we consider the care not to be adequate.

We are currently experiencing an issue with this contact form whereby a "403 Forbidden" error screen is sometimes displayed when the submit button is clicked. If this affects you then please get in touch using the basic contact form. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your support.

We are receiving many applications at the moment so please if you do not hear from the team within 7 days could you text them on  07984 143253 and they will get back to you.


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