Max is a beautiful boy who is very friendly with people, walks nicely on the lead and knows his basic commands.

Max lost his home at the age of 8 years and was due to be put to sleep.  For some dogs the pain of this is a little too much to bear and we do not think that Max has truly allowed himself to believe that he will not be let down again.  Max keeps something back and can seem a little distant.  Max desperately needs to believe again that his next home will be for life.  Can you give Max the love and reassurance he needs to allow you into his heart – a heart that has been broken and needs mending.

If you believe that your love can reach Max’s heart and would like to take this beautiful boy into your heart and home please call Lorna for more information

Our search for the right home for Max may take a while and we would be so very grateful if you would consider supporting him whilst he waits patiently for his special family to come.

Please, please if you can even donate £1 it WILL make a difference and will go directly to paying for his care.

Max has spent a long time in emergency boarding at £8 per night and we are struggling to meet all the bills so a pot of his very own would be wonderful and would help us to pay his monthly emergency boarding bill as with so very many in emergency boarding these bills are crippling our rescue.

To donate, please use the button below or by PayPal (friends & family) to:

OR you can donate in all of the ways on this link

Thank you so much from Maxxxxxxxx

Call Lorna for more information

07984 143 253

If you feel that you can offer a home

please fill in our Application Form

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