Beautiful Codey needs you. He needs you because homes for rescue dogs are hard to find at the moment but they are especially hard to find for a dog with hip dysplasia. Codey needs a special home who comes to him because he needs them. The joy that will flow when you see him blossoming in the safe forever home you have given him will fill your heart with pure happiness.

The vet is not recommending an operation for Codey because he is coping so very well. He just needs a home who will continue the care he is getting - controlled exercise on the flat, stopping him getting overweight and continuing with the supplements he is on and giving him extra care or medications if the weather is very cold. He would benefit greatly if you have a hydrotherapy centre nearby.

Codey is 8 years old. He is active and seems pain free at the moment. He is loving and affectionate and will be your very best friend. He just needs someone to give him the break he needs to live his life in the wonderful loving caring home he deserves.

Are you the special people that Codey longs for? Are you the ones that for the first time wont say no when we tell you he has hip dysplasia but will embrace Codey and love him because of it and because he needs you.

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