Brandy is a female Lurcher x Great Dane. She gets on well with other dogs and has benefitted from the training programme undertaken in the kennels  to build up trust with adults.

She is now much more friendly with the kennels team. Born in January 2015, Brandy is 8 years old. Brandy walks lovely on the lead. There have been no issues in the kennels, but she can be nervous of strangers. Brandy is not a Great Dane size. She is a little smaller than a greyhound, classed as a medium sized dog.

Not much is known of Brandy’s past apart from that she was at risk of being euthanised. Maybe it was linked to her unpredictability towards people, which has now improved due to her training programme.

Looking towards a positive future – Brandy is now ready to live her best life! Brandy is a lovely dog. Several visits to the kennels will be required to build up a relationship of trust and confidence with Brandy. Conversations would need to take place with regard to any older children/young people in the household.

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