Beautiful Bernard was found in a field in Romania chained, emaciated and covered in mange. His Romanian rescuer nursed him back to health and he was sent for rehoming in the UK. His UK rescue rehomed him twice but unfortunately, although he was a good boy for the majority of the time, he had a couple of unpredictable aggressive episodes and was returned on both occasions to his rescue.

His rescue however did not have retraining facilities and their only option was to return him to Romania. With his transport date booked they came to us as a last option to stop Bernard being sent back. We told them to keep on trying other rescues but as the date drew nearer it was clear that we were the only option Bernard had. We took him into our care on the date he would have been transported to Romania.

Bernard is being a really good boy in kennels but it will take time, patience and continual assessment to find out what sparked his unpredictable aggression. It is likely to be trauma coming from his early abuse but we will have to find it before he can be rehomed safely and he will be given all the time he needs.

Yet again we have had to step up even though we are full and really struggling to save a dog when all other rescue options had failed.

Even more desperately than before we ask for you to cradle gentle giant Bernard with your amazing support. After his terrible start in life he deserves us to stand by him, to tell him that it is alright now and that he will be given as long as he needs to be retrained and find the trigger for his trauma.

🐾🐾 Pupdate: 6.5.2023.

Bernard has continued to do well in kennels, he enjoys his food, doesn’t have any known allergies, he’s clean inside, walks lovely on his lead…..

Are YOU the Rottweiler savvy home Bernard is looking for?

He would need to be an only pet, no other furries or small children & you’d have to be willing to travel to do as many meet and greets with him as he needs. Bernard is obviously untrusting of strangers and you would need to gain his trust… (kennels are in Rawmarsh S64)

This boy deserves a chance, I’m sure the correct match of a Rottweiler knowledgeable home is out there for him, please share his plight and try to find it…..

Call Lorna for more information

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If you feel that you can offer a home

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