We were asked to take 2 year old Nala as an emergency by a transporter who was doing a private home to home rehoming.

Nala is a very nervous girl, had panicked in transit and the new home would not take her. It was feared that the old family would put her to sleep. Nala had literally nowhere safe to go so she came into our care.

Nala is the sweetest girl but she is nervous and needs time to get to know you. She still would prefer to run and hide rather than face a new experience. She needs a calm home that will give her all the tlc and reassurance that she needs and continue our work in building her confidence. She will need several visits to the kennels to build a bond but once she is sure of you her beautiful nature shines through and you could not hope to find a nicer dog.

Are you the family who will give Nala the time and care to enable her to shine and flourish? If you are, she will bring you great joy as you see her blossom and truly show you what a beautiful soul she is.

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